Halkalı – Istanbul Airport Metro Project

Main Contractor : Yedigöze İnş.Dan.Otom. İç.ve Dış Tic. Ltd.Şti.
Scope of Özsöz : TBM operation between Olimpiyatköy – Fenertepe
Line Length : 15.176 m. (Double Line total)
Number of TBM : 2
Excavation Diameter : 6570 mm
Segment Length : 1,50 m
Segment Outer Diameter : 6300 mm
Segment Inner Diameter : 5700 mm
Contract Date : 13.04.2019
Start Date : 20.12.2019
Completion Date : 25.01.2022
Scope of Özsöz : The Excavation Work was planned in two phases, and firstly, 7,380 meters of excavation started from the M12 Truss Shaft near Kayaşehir in the direction of Olimpiyatköy, and the excavation work of this section was completed in November 2020.The TBMs, which were disassembled from Olimpiyatköy, were reassembled on the M12 Truss Shaft and the excavation works in the Fenertepe direction started in January 2021. Excavation with the TBM Provided by the Employer, Assembly of the Produced Segments and Completion of the Injection Works.